Specialty Contact Lens Fitting

 Dr. Sorensen is an expert contact lens fitter.  She updates her techniques with additional training and certification.  She has been chosen to have access to contact lenses before they are available to others based on the past experience.  

From the first time wearer to the difficult post surgical fit, our eye doctors take ample time to choose the very best contact lenses available.

 Evaluation of your contact lenses, among other things, includes looking under the eyelids for early signs of allergy, checking for the correct lens movement and adequate oxygen transmission, making sure you are aware and following the proper care and disinfection practices.

We have many contacts in our large inventory of fitting sets, which allows most patients to leave with a fresh pair in the correct prescription the same day of your appointment. 

  • Toric lenses – soft, RGP, and scleral lenses for astigmatism.  Many astigmatism patients do very well with soft astigmatism lenses to correct their vision.  We have many different modalities as options. 

  • Scleral lenses – keratoconnus, pellucid marginal degeneration, and other irregular corneas need a rigid lens that covers the entire cornea.  These have become more comfortable and affordable with newer materials and fitting techniques.

  • Myopia Control lenses – CRT(corneal refractive therapy) or orthokeratology has been proven to slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children who are at risk.  Find out more here…Newer studies also show success with certain soft multifocal contact lenses.  We diligently research this topic as it is extremely important to do what we can do to lessen the degree of nearsightedness that a patient ultimately becomes.

  • Hybrid lenses – for special circumstances when soft lenses don’t provide clarity including patients who have irregular corneas or special visual needs. 

  • Dailies – we fit many brands of daily lenses for general use and for dry eye.  We strongly recommend single use lenses for optimum eye health and comfort. 

  • Bandage contact lenses – for those who have severe dry eye and abrasions either as an urgent care treatment or on going dry eye issues this is a service we provide.

 In Vision Optical and Eye Care Clinic has advanced instrumentation to help with specialty contact lens fitting, including a corneal topographer and OCT for anterior imaging.